Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Grandparents Involved

Yesterday we enjoyed a Magical Moment from the Pardeilhan family about how their grandmother participates in her grandson’s homeschooling. (If you missed that post, read it here.) Would your children’s grandparents like to be more involved in their education? Here are a few ideas you might like to suggest:

1. If they live nearby, perhaps they’d like to read the assigned literature or history books, or books from the same time period.

2. Even if they can’t be near to read, offer them the supplemental book list for gift ideas.

3. Andrew Pudewa, from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, suggests the wonderful idea of asking grandparents to record themselves reading a favorite children’s book aloud (either on tape or with a digital voice recorder), which can then be used as an extra special and memorable audio book for your children to listen to. (More on this in a future blog post!)

4. Ask them to exchange handwritten letters with your child, for handwriting practice.

5. Have them send ideas or meaningful quotes for copy work (as Andy Hawkins has done for her grandson). 

6. If you have a grandparent who sews or is crafty, ask for help with costumes or special projects. 

7. Ask a grandparent to cook or bake with your child, and choose something that goes along with the time period or culture your child is learning about.

8. Invite them to give. As we continue to face budget challenges, the reality is that there are grandparents who can give but it’s really hard to ask. Here are some ideas that might help:
• Often, grandparents who see first-hand what SLOCA is all about are more excited to give. Invite them to one of our campus tours (there is one tomorrow at 9:30 AM), or Grand Day later in the year.
• Encourage your kids to share with their grandparents what they love about SLOCA.
• Invite grandparents to read our school blog, and share your own magical moments with them.
• For grandparents who like to go over the top with gift-giving at birthdays and Christmas, perhaps suggest fewer gifts, with a school donation instead.

Let’s talk: Can you think of any other ways to encourage grandparents to be involved in our school and homeschool? Please share your thoughts or experiences by commenting below.

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