Monday, October 01, 2012

Magical Moments: Colonial Days Faire

{all photos taken by Jamie Foster}

Today’s magical moment comes from Mr. Foster, one of our Lower Middle School teachers. The LMS classes recently undertook a lively historical experience, and Mr. Foster is pleased to share the highlights of this grand day with us parents:

Colonial Days Faire
Being thus beyond the majority of our Colonial Days historical intentions, we did venture into the land affixed to the library and constructed with considerable effort a Faire. This Faire, having encouraged the attendance of all belonging to LMS who would gleefully enter upon the midst and willingly encounter the past, held up for our scholars’ enlightenment six experiences of our colonial days.

Firstly, members of the body did gather at the great source of light and caused to have their shadows cast upon dark parchment, whereupon elders of the body with leaded instruments scribed the outline of the shadow boundary permanently upon the parchment. Thus, a silhouette arose, which scholars affixed to contrasting parchment so as to make its relief abundantly clear to all. 

Secondly, at the ceramic pot of elevated heat, each member present did submerge into the melted wax a length of string upon which the wax would adhere. When quenched, the waxing string could be reintroduced to the pot, gather more wax, and in doing such repeatedly build up a candle most elegant.

Thirdly, budding scribes did immerse quill or pen and apply graceful and adorning elements upon parchment set aside for just such purpose.

Fourthly, and to the delight of all thusly engaged, the Jack Ball and knucklebones did bounce and scatter to the far corners of the field of play whilst daring participants attempted valiantly to capture both Jack Ball and knucklebones at once and the same time within the cup of their hands.

Fifthly, and to the absolute satisfaction of those inclined to educational pursuits, members of the party did construct horn books of wood, parchment, and thinly prepared cow horn, lettered and numbered for the edification of the very young approaching the written word, and bonded to one and the other by brads of the brightest metal.

Lastly, objects of great mystery were presented to those of a detective nature and agreeable, to discover the true and accurate usage of the object and name it clearly, expressed thusly for all to understand with great clarity.
An exceptionally historical time was had by all.
We remain your humble and faithful servants, 
The LMS Team

A great and hearty thank you to Mr. Foster and the LMS team, for sharing these fantastic pictures and magical moments with us at home. It’s exciting to see what the kids are doing in class, and to hear how they are experiencing hands-on history!

If you have a magical moment to share with our community, we would love to hear about it! Please email Jenny a short description of something memorable your family has experienced while learning together.

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