Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Revolutionary Cannon Bowl!

The battle has begun! We are well underway in our fundraising efforts as the Revolutionary Cannon Bowl approaches on October 12th. As you know, this is our student-driven fundraiser and it is a fantastic opportunity for our kids to participate in and contribute to something greater than themselves, and demonstrate Stewardship. We want our kids to be the ones going to neighbors, sending the emails, and making the phone calls to ask family and friends to support them as they support their school. 

The goal for this event is for each family to raise $250, which will go toward funding our online math videos, science and art supplies for our classrooms, and our playground supervisor. If your kids love to get creative and you’re looking for some suggestions, here are a few ideas that may inspire them and help make the whole process more fun:

- The kids could make a video to send to family and friends, dressed as rebels or redcoats, asking for assistance on the battlefield. (They could even sport their best British accent!) 
- How about writing up their request as a letter home from a soldier, asking for help?  
- For the artistic-types, a drawing depicting the brutal battle scene (at the bowling alley) might be a humorous way to bring up the subject. Take a photo of it to attach to an email, or make photocopies of it to show to friends and family members when asking for a donation. 
- Let your children mention why they love their school, and why they want to help! Most people appreciate a personal connection and hearing why kids care. It might be particularly nice if they talk about the awesome new math videos, or what they love about science and art. 
- Earning money on their own is also a great way to support this fundraiser. Kids can offer to do chores around the neighborhood or for family members, do some pet-sitting, collect cans and bottles to return, set up a good old-fashioned lemonade stand or bake sale, or anything else they can think of to help meet the goal.

The Revolutionary Cannon Bowl is sure to be a fun and rewarding event. Let’s help our kids get into the excitement of helping our school. Do you have other ideas or creative ways to ask for donations? Please leave a comment below and help our whole community in this effort!

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