Monday, September 24, 2012

Magical Moments: Road Trip

Magical moments often pop us and take us by surprise, but we can also help create them by making history come alive for our families. A fun way to do this is to take a family field trip and explore something that relates to what we’re learning. Today our guest blogger, Jenny Curzan, shares with us her passion for making educational road trips a part of their home learning experience. Jenny, her husband JP, and their son Michael (Intermediate) are a Track B family in their third year at SLOCA. 

Road trip anyone?? 
Although I love being home and spending time in our gorgeous community, I also LOVE trips! I love thinking about a trip, planning a trip, actually going on a trip - I love it all! Our family used to travel often (just the three of us!) but when we started our SLOCA adventure, we found other families who liked to travel too. Together, we have explored some amazing places and our children have been able to experience their studies in a very real way. 
Generally, we will be at a park or by the pool and we dream about places (near and far) that we would like to visit and explore with our children and family.
Since we were going to study early American History in the Fall, we thought Summer would be the best time to head north and explore Sacramento and Columbia and the surrounding areas. After booking hotels, contacting family in the area and packing the car, we were off! These are some of the places we explored:
California State Railroad Museum
Sutter's Fort 
Leland Stanford Mansion (free tour!)
California State Capitol Museum (free tour and we received Governor Brown's business card, too!) 
There was panning for gold in Columbia and a train ride in Jamestown and lots of time in the pool, too!
We are so fortunate to be able to spend such rich time with our children exploring California's early history. Every adventure brings joy to the kids and new information for the parents, too! 
Where would you like to explore??
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Thank you Jenny, for inspiring us to plan some family adventures! Vacation and learning all in one - sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Please leave a comment below and share your plans (or dreams) for a family road trip!

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