Monday, September 03, 2012

Magical Moments: The First Day of School

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{photos by Lisa Boyd, Jenny Curzan, and Jenny Bischoff}

The first day of school came with a flurry of excitement and anticipation! Many magical moments were experienced and witnessed by students, parents, teachers and staff. But today at Down Home, it’s all about the kids. We asked several students to share their favorite thing or first impressions about this momentous day, and here are their sweet (and honest!) responses:

“It was really fun! We got to do a lot of coloring and hold these frogs that had red bellies with black spots on them!”
-Sandy Peterson, Primary, Track A 

“It wasn't as hard as I thought. Just Latin, we had to learn five words.”
“What words did you learn?” mom asked.
“I forget.”
-Joshua Peterson, LMS, Track A

“My favorite moment was when Mrs. Frago announced in science that we're going to make a Rube Goldberg machine--cool.”
-Benjamin Harding, LMS, Track B 

“In math I got to wear the answer to a math problem on my shirt - it was a sticker!  And in art, we got to create our self portrait!”
-Michael Curzan, Intermediate, Track B

mom: “Cal, what did you think of your first day of school?”
Cal: “I'm... so... TIRED!... Today lasted a lot longer than I was expecting.”
mom: “What was your favorite part?”
Cal: “Eating apple pie while singing about apples with the music teacher.”
-Calvin Trapp, Kindergarten, Track A

“I made a new friend!”
-Kylie Womack, Primary, Track B 

“I REALLY like Mrs. Wright--she's very calm.”
-Carina Womack, LMS, Track B 

“The best part of the first day of school was Mrs. Milligan's presentation of our Big Orange Binders named BOB.”
-Karena Talley, Intermediate, Track A

“I liked Science today because we got to examine frogs with orange bellies.”
-Violet Talley, Primary, Track A

“I liked the first day of school because I got to do a running race with friends at recess.”
-Daniel Talley, Kindergarten, Track A

“I liked having Art and Science. My new teacher is really great.”
-Amea Haar, Intermediate, Track A

“I really liked having my favorite chips at lunch.”
-Elica Haar, Primary, Track A

“I loved playing house in Kindergarten with Sophie and Dane!”
-Abby Malley, Kindergarten, Track B

“I liked the teachers and I got to meet new people. I love my class because it's epic!”
-Tyler Malley, LMS, Track B

“I love being with Mrs. Perneel again.”
-TJ Malley, Primary, Track B

“Well, today was mostly all rules and regulations, but I'm really excited about my classes and having Mrs. Weinshenk for Latin, Mrs. Frago for math, and Mrs. Burns for Core.”
-Katie Malley, UMS, Track B 

"Two things:  the best thing was that the new girl in my class was really nice and kind.  My favorite thing was doing music class.  But the bummer was that it wasn't that long at all.  It seemed like only 5 minutes."
-Lily Cheney, Primary, Track A

"My favorite thing was that we got to do art class and that I got to sit next to my best friend Karena.  And I have the best teacher in the world!"
-Grace Cheney, Intermediate, Track A

"Going to the playground with the water sprayer!"
-Silas Cheney, Kindergarten, Track A

“Pre-algebra class...getting to know about pre-algebra, getting to know the class and Mrs. Frago.”
-ShiLu Vanasupa, UMS, Track B4

“I have a binder called BOB and I really liked the responsibility Tuesday when I had to get ‘him.’  It made me feel proud of myself.  I think it's really funny that it’s called BOB.  It got to be BOB because of the first letters in Big Orange and Binder!”
-Grant Dillon, Intermediate, Track A

“School was REALLY great, it was so fun to see my friends and hang out and laugh with everyone again, and Mr. Wathen was really funny when he was talking about wearing a skirt during the dress code chat.”
-Autumn Boyd, UMS, Track A

“I really liked my lunch!”
-Evan Boyd, Intermediate, Track A

"Mom, my teacher is actually really nice. I have three new friends. My high for today was the playdough, the scavenger hunt and eating my sandwich wrap.  My low was...nothing!"
-Cameron Erb, Kindergarten, Track B

“I loved being with friends and playing a game at recess and I like my teacher, she is really nice.”
-Hayden Eades, Intermediate, Track A

“I liked art because I love to draw!  We also have a good teacher.”
-Isabel Helm, Intermediate, Track A

“I’m looking forward to getting to work on creative writing skills this year in history/lit and learning more about the upcoming election (which I can vote in!) during current events.”
-Caroline Rein, Senior, HS

“I’m intrigued by my Trig teacher's sense of humor.”
-Christopher Rein, Sophomore, HS

“I think Latin is going to be a lot of fun!”
-Brigitte Rein, UMS, Track A

“I’m really excited about Mrs. Frago's science class. It’s finally my turn to have her as a teacher!”
-Sammy Rein, LMS, Track A

“I thought Intermediate was just going to be hard.  But it was really fun!”
-Chase Jacobson, Intermediate, Track B 

“I liked playing ‘I Never’ in Mrs. Peterson's class.”
-Taryn Jacobson, LMS, Track B 

“I will not ever forget meeting my teacher and writing words however I wanted.”
-Kyra Tucker, Primary, Track A

“Learning my way around the classroom with a scavenger hunt. Now I will never forget the bathroom!”
-Kyan Tucker, Kindergarten, Track A

“I liked showing my new friends all around the school and introducing them to everyone.”
-Kate Bischoff, UMS, Track A

“I love Intermediate because I have three different teachers and I feel older walking to different classes.”
-Georgia Bischoff, Intermediate, Track A

“The best thing is that everyone in the class is my friend now. And my music teacher said her brother’s middle name is Calvin!”
-Calvin Bischoff, Kindergarten, Track A

And we’ll end with a memorable conversation between one mom and her girls:

mom: “How was your first day of school?”
“GRRRRRRReat!” (Just like Tigger the tiger!)
Tonight as we were talking about what we are going to do tomorrow for home school this is what our conversation looked like:
Sia: “Mom, what’s the plan for tomorrow.  I mean do we have to do more work in Lower Middle school than in Intermediate?”
Mom: “Well, uh, yeah.  There is going to be more work.....”
Ava: “Well, will have to do more writing?”
Mom: “Yep, you have to do more writing.”
Both girls: “YES!”  
Sia: “I LOVE writing, I think I love writing more than reading, I just love to do writing.  In fact mom can I write something tomorrow?”
Ava: “Mom, I heard Mrs. Wright say that we weren’t going to narratives in her class. I love narratives, can I do them anyway?”
Mom: “Of course you can write tomorrow. Of course you can do narratives!”
(Mom in her head: I should have recorded this conversation to play back for these children when we are arguing over an IEW paragraph because I am not so sure that these will be the same words coming out of their mouths then!)
-Sia Faber and Ava Faber, LMS, Track B

(Cozy, that conversation is now officially recorded on the blog. Refer back to it any time you need to!)

Such a fun day - thanks for sharing your thoughts, kids! If we haven’t heard from you yet, what was your most magical first-day-of-school moment? Please join in and leave a comment below.


Joy Erb said...

I love this, Jenny! So fun to hear what our kids had to say!

Jenny Bischoff said...

I love hearing what the kids think. I'd like to occasionally poll the kids in the coming year about other topics, too. Kate's actually on board with this and interviewing kids already... :)

Love Kpop said...

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