Monday, September 10, 2012

History and Literature Training

Magical moments of learning and connecting can happen at any time. The more we are prepared to engage with our kids in our home studies, the more likely we are to recognize and value those moments. Today we want to feature a little teaser on this evening’s History and Literature Parent Training, led by Mr. Wathen:
This evening we are offering an opportunity for parents to get a global perspective on the history and literature we will be teaching this year. This is a time-period full of new discoveries, new ideas, and new adventures. The struggle for the democratic ideal resurfaced after centuries of monarchical rule. With trade between continents on the rise, piracy became a lucrative criminal business. The age of the renaissance led into this period of intellectual, scientific, and geographic discoveries as whole continents became European colonies. There may have been a need for a class on “the ethics of land colonization,” but that would make a good discussion for a SLOCA class. 
The purpose of this evening is for us to enter into our homeschooling with some degree of understanding of the big picture. It is impossible to cover all that needs to be discussed or all the nuances of historical interpretation, but it is a time to highlight some of the historical and literary themes we may come across this year. Come join us tonight at 7:00 PM as Mr. Wathen shares some of his observations of the late colonial to country-formation time period. Time will be given for sharing of ideas from parents in addition to what has been prepared by Mr. Wathen. Please make time to join us.
This is sure to be a valuable and informative evening, leaving us feeling inspired and excited about the historical journey we’re on with our kids!

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