Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Friday

{Treasure Island cover illustration by N.C. Wyeth, source}

It’s Friday again, and we hope your family has been enjoying the reading of Treasure Island. The version many of us have, illustrated by Robert Ingpen, contains wonderful pictures that help bring the story to life. But if you haven’t looked at the original illustrations by N.C. Wyeth (see one example in the photo above), they are also fantastic and can be found here

This weekend, if you happen to be looking to get out of the house for awhile, you might want to stroll around the Avila Beach Fish and Farmer’s Market tonight or next Friday, September 28th, which will be the last night of the season.  

For those of you who were with us last year, remember Don Quixote? Tonight and tomorrow night the REC Foundation will be performing “Man of La Mancha” at Centennial Park in Paso Robles, starting at 7:30 PM both evenings. Lawn seating starts at 6:30 PM, and admission is free! Click here for more information.

And just for kids, the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum is featuring a special event on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 1:00 PM called “Return of the Robots”. Use recycled materials in a clever way to build your own robot creation. This activity is for kids age 5+; two classes offered and limited to eight participants each. Here’s the museum website if you’re interested.

Enjoy the weekend, and remember to take some time to be free from electronics and connect with your loved ones!

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joy said...

i love the idea of a lemonade stand! Kids and I will do that today. Thanks for the idea!

joy said...

oops! Put this comment under the wrong blog post. :)

SLO Classical Academy said...

Hey, we'll take a comment anywhere! :) How did it go, Joy? Did you guys do the stand?

joy said...

yup! we did the stand and the kids made around $70. not bad for a couple hours work!

SLO Classical Academy said...

WOW, that's amazing for a lemonade stand! We're coming to your neighborhood to set one up...