Monday, August 20, 2012

Magical Moments

We're almost there - how are you and your kids feeling about starting school? We hear stories all the time from SLOCA kids who are excited that the first day is approaching, and can't wait to go back. Today, Jaime Mickey shares a magical moment she experienced this summer, which we hope will add to your enthusiasm about the start of school, and calm any nerves that new families might be experiencing. Jaime and Greg Mickey are a Track B family entering their 7th year at SLO Classical, with their children Alyssa (Lower Middle School) and Hudson (Primary).

A few weeks into summer, Alyssa asked how long school had been out. After checking the calendar I informed her that tomorrow would be 2 weeks. Completely shocked, she told me it felt much longer. When asked if she was just missing her friends or did she actually miss school, she said “both.” I promptly reminded her that there are great books to read and many things she can learn on her own over the summer. She informed me that's not what she meant. What she misses are the wonderful classroom discussions between the students and teachers. You know a school is amazing when students are only 2 weeks into summer and are already looking forward to returning to school. 
Alyssa and Hudson Mickey

You don't have to wait much longer, Alyssa! Many of our families are equally excited and ready to begin our new year of learning together. We hope this week is full of happy anticipation for all - do you have a story or encouragement to share with others about the start of school? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.  

Be sure to check the weekly update and school emails for info on all of the scheduled events this week.  Check out our website too! Oh, and the school bookstore will be open tomorrow through Friday from 10-1 to purchase any books still on your list. 

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