Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Friday

It’s Friday! We’ve had an exciting first week of school, adjusting to new routines at home and in class. Now it’s time to wind down for the weekend. Fridays here at Down Home will usually either highlight local events happening in our area, or offer other suggestions for spending time with family and friends over the weekend. But one thing you’ll often notice in our Friday posts is a reminder to be “Free by 5:00” and today our Director Susie Theule has something to share with us about this, so without further ado...

What is up with "Free by 5:00" every Friday? 
Since SLOCA’s inception, we have encouraged families to use technology wisely.  We have educational goals for our students that require concentration, imagination and sustained attention.  We believe in the wonder of a good, long story, the necessity of play, and the beauty of human interaction.  We also believe in the genius of technology.  Technological advances in the last 30 years have been impressive.  I personally enjoy my iPhone, MacBook and movies.  We use internet research and when my husband and daughter were in India, Skype kept us in touch.  I love seeing the photos my daughter posts on Instagram and thanks to a photo texted to me last week, I got to see my son right after his tooth came out at Grandma’s house.  
However, as an introvert, a psychologist and a person who values privacy, I have also been forever suspicious of technology and am quite aware that the various forms that being plugged in takes - phones, iPads, computers, Facebook, twitter, handheld game devices, Wii, TV (to name ONLY a few) - together have a power that digs its way silently within us until technology controls us rather than us controlling it.   They take up vast amounts of our time, consume our energy, and change the way we relate with those around us.  They take us from required tasks, play on our emotions, and change the way our brains work.  Yes - really!  If you’re not a believer, perhaps you will be after linking to this article Newsweek printed just weeks ago:

Why do we remind you - week after week after week - to turn off your devices on Fridays?  As a community wholeheartedly committed to seeing our children thrive, to making the most of our years with kids, and to teaching them the value of hard work, stories, outdoor play and creativity - we believe we need to constantly remind ourselves that the line where technology becomes our enemy rather than our friend is always playing right at our feet.  Or, more accurately, right around our minds and hearts.
We want to encourage you to read this article with your spouse or older children as a starting place to conversing about technology in our lives.  We know that some of you already have made decisions to limit technology in your home.  Share your approach with our community!
Parents, please note that when you link to the article, there may be questionable photos at the bottom of the page, so use caution if allowing kids to read it. 

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Anonymous said...

Just you turn off your electronics before your husband gets home from work? Or is this done during a time where the whole family is at home together?

Jenny Bischoff said...

Generally we do wait until dad's home and make it a family thing. Anyone else have a reply to that?