Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Traditions

Milestones like the start of a new school year call for something special. How about celebrating with some back-to-school traditions?  They don't have to be elaborate, and some of them provide a way to capture precious memories of your kids as they grow. You may already have some rituals you engage in, or maybe you are in search of some fresh ideas. Here are a few simple family traditions to commemorate the beginning of a new school year:

- Take each child on a “date” to buy school supplies.

- Serve an unusual and special breakfast on the first school morning, such as Green Eggs and Ham, or Popcorn.

- The first-day-photo on the front porch, of course!

- Pack something special in their lunch, with a sweet note, for the first day of school (these ABC Cupcakes look fun to try this year!)

- Have the kids draw self-portraits the first week of school, and/or write about their interests and dreams for the future.

A few other great ideas to inspire you:

- Take your yearly back-to-school photo with the kids standing next to the same object or piece of furniture (such as a bookshelf or grandfather clock) to visually track their growth. 

- Read the same favorite picture book the night before the first day of school.

- Put special stickers on their lunch baggies. 

And for even more inspiring ideas, look here

Do you have any back-to-school traditions in your family? We love to hear what others are doing - please share them with us!

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