Monday, July 23, 2012

The ABCs of Summer: P

1. Paint
2. Paper airplanes: Do you have a stack of scratch paper, or better yet, a stack of last year's grids that you're holding on to unnecessarily? Put them to good use! Find designs here.
3. Pick Berries (or another fruit): The Avila Valley Barn is a good spot, and Rutiz Farms in Arroyo Grande sometimes has U-pick days on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Or if you're up for a bigger adventure, try Santa Barbara Blueberries near Gaviota on Hwy 101. If you know of other spots around the county to pick fruit, please share in the comments section!
4. Pie: Use some of those berries to make a scrumptious pie. This blueberry pie looks amazing. 
5. Picnic: Whether at the beach, park, front yard or living room, kids always go for a picnic. Don't forget the berries and the pie!

Plan for the upcoming school year. And if you haven't yet seen the fantastic books will be using this year, come and check out the curriculum preview tomorrow at school from 10-12. 

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