Monday, July 09, 2012

The ABCs of Summer: J

{source, source, source, photo taken by Trina Dart}

1.  Jump Rope: Why not get out there with the kids and take a turn?
2.  Jam: Capture summer in a jar by making homemade jam.
3.  Jello: Try some of these fun jello recipes.

4. Jenny: 

Hello SLOCA family! My name is Jenny Bischoff and this month I am sharing blogging duties with Joy Newman, as I transition to become the new Down Home blog coordinator. Since today's letter is J, I thought I'd introduce myself and my family. My husband Paul and I have three children, all attending SLOCA: Kate (12) will be in Upper Middle School, Georgia (8) will be in Intermediate, and Calvin (5) will be in Kindergarten. We are on Track A and this will be our 7th year at SLO Classical Academy. The past two years I worked on staff as the Wednesday NOL (Nice Office Lady), so my face may be a familiar one.

This year I will be a little more behind the scenes, but I am excited to be involved in our community in this way. I have some pretty big shoes to fill... Joy has done an incredible job running Down Home this past year and building it into a vibrant and valuable resource. You will continue to see many of the features you've come to know already, and perhaps a few new ones. My vision for the blog is that it will remain a source of encouragement and ideas, both practical and "magical," and that it will also become a way for us to connect with each other and get to know some of the families we see around campus. When it comes to home education, not one of us has it all together or does it all perfectly. But we can share what we do, what works, what made the day special, what we delight in, and even what we struggle with. 

Thank you for reading Down Home. I hope it will enrich your home days and foster connection between us. I invite you to send me snippets of your homeschooling experiences, great ideas, and thoughts about what you'd like to see here on the blog, so that this can be a place for us to nurture and support each other on the home-front. You can reach me at

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pennymalley said...

Hi Jenny! You do have big shoes to fill- Joy is an awesome blogger! That said, I am sure you will do a fabulous job, and I can't wait to see what's coming up! :-)

SLO Classical Academy said...

Thanks Penny! I appreciate the support! :)