Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's for Dinner?

photo by Joy Newman

Turkey Lettuce Cups
Everyday Food, Special Issue
serves 4

These lettuce cups are so bright and refreshing.  The turkey adds some substance while not leaving a heavy feeling.  And, you already have fish sauce in your fridge from this recipe, right?  My kids are starting to think it's fun to wrap things in lettuce.  I used a red-leaf lettuce, but if you want more crunch, try romaine leaves.  The recipe suggests a softer lettuce, like iceberg, Boston or Bibb and those would actually wrap more nicely.  

2 T soy sauce
2 t fish sauce
2 t sugar
1 large shallot
fresh ginger
1 small jalapeño
2 garlic cloves
1 T vegetableoil
1 lb. ground lean turkey
lettuce leaves for wrapping
fresh cilantro
green onions (scallions)
shredded carrots

In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce, fish sauce, and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves and set aside.  In a food processor, pulse the shallot (quartered), 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced, jalapeño (stemmed and seeded) and 2 garlic cloves until finely chopped.

Heat a large skillet or wok over high heat.  Add 1 T vegetable oil.  Add shallot mixture and stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds.  Add the turkey and cook, breaking up the meat with the back of a wooden spoon until almost cooked through, 5 minutes.  Add sauce and stir until meat is cooked through, about 2 minutes more.  Serve in lettuce cups and sprinkle with fresh cilantro leaves, chopped scallions and shredded carrots.

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