Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tip for Tuesday

While things are still fresh in your mind, now would be a good time to order home curriculum for the next school year.  Wouldn't it feel wonderful to enter into summer vacation with curriculum ordered and on its way?  Take a moment this week and assess your home curriculum programs, order what will be needed when the school year starts and set them on the shelf. 

Since you're already online, why not order the summer reading books, A Thomas Jefferson Education and The Wednesday Warsso you can take part in the summer reading groups?

Before you check out, take a look at the Resource List included in the packet with the green front page.  Now is a good time to add to your home schooling library.  No need to order Core Curriculum, as our school store will be well-stocked at the lowest possible prices.  Remember Wednesday and Thursday there are Coffee Talks and our Curriculum Preview.

Now, breathe a big sigh and get ready to finish up this last week of school.  Happy Tuesday, folks!

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pennymalley said...

This is a great idea. It's like printing out the grids to plan for the next week on Friday instead of waiting until Sunday night... ahem. ;-)
I'm looking forward to the curriculum preview to see some different spelling options before I place an order. When you say "core curriculum" will be available at the school, does that include all the literature books on the lists, too? So really, all we need to order outside of school is spelling, grammar, and handwriting... right?

Robin Lee said...

Printing out grids Sunday night IS doing it ahead of time...My Monday morning computer and I are good, good friends.

SLO Classical Academy said...

Penny, I believe the school store will continue to carry the literature and history selections. :)