Monday, June 11, 2012

Magical Moments

Wasn't Friday's Wax Museum amazing?!!!  All of our students did such a great job. It was so encouraging to wander through our Wax Museum and listen to first year Primary students up through high schoolers reciting from memory, while the backdrops and props just added to the magic.  A huge thank you to the History Day Committee and all of the many helping hands that went into a wonderful evening!

Just a reminder that this is Teacher Appreciation week.  Our teachers create magic in their classrooms and they facilitate many magical moments parents don't get to see.  Showing appreciation and gratitude for the time and effort our teachers pour into our students need not be expensive nor elaborate.  Take a little time to hand-write a note, and/or have your child write their teacher a note. A small bouquet of freshly cut flowers from your garden, a bag of homemade goodies, maybe an afternoon/morning delivery of their favorite coffee drink--all simple ways to express gratitude.  SLO Classical Academy is thankful for our dedicated teaching staff!  

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