Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Our character trait for April is Resilience: the ability to recover strength, determination, spirit, flexibility and good humor in the face of change, mistakes and trials.

As our history and literature studies are taking us into the New World, it is difficult not to think of resilience.  It seems a much needed virtue to survive in a strange land with harsh winters and dwindling supplies.  Though we aren't facing a harsh winter in a log cabin, how can we demonstrate and nurture resilience in our families?  

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pennymalley said...

Watching my first grader play baseball for the first time in his life. He may miss the ball, but he keeps on swinging! The joy in his face when he does connect with the ball is contagious!

Clay Skinner said...

I like to take my son on a hike a bit longer than he is used to. He wants to head back, he want to know how much further, I keep him going and soon he is seeing thing he wouldn't have seen if he was resilient.