Monday, April 02, 2012

Magical Moments

Sometimes magical moments jump out at you and make their presence known. Other times, they are less obvious and need to be searched for, and ferreted out.  Challenge yourself this week to notice the magical moments in the everyday--your children laughing together, a beautiful flower, an improvement (no matter how minor) in handwriting, a few spare moments to just sit and breathe, food on the table and family to enjoy it with.  Hill top experiences aren't meant to be enjoyed everyday; let's face it, much of life is spent on the flat lands.  But, that doesn't mean the steady road doesn't posses it's own magic.  Look for it this week and then come back here and share when you find it.  Let's encourage each other along the way.  Happy Monday.


Bluebird Photobooth said...

So true! I love those moments... they make all the flat lands worth it.. and the trek up the mountain! ;)

pennymalley said...

Like this morning, when I expected TJ to write a one-sentence history narrative on his own, and when he was quiet for awhile, I went to check on him, and he had written an entire page- all by himself! He was so proud of his work, and that he had done it all on his own. Proud boy, happy mama!