Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspirational Words

Today Jill Talley shares with us a little bit about their home schooling room.  Todd and Jill Talley are a Track A family with three children: Karena (Primary), Violet (Kindergarten) and Daniel (Jr. K.) This is their third year at SLO Classical Academy.

Last October, SLO Classical Academy hosted a home school room tour which included stops at three SLOCA homes. The idea was to give SLOCA families ideas, suggestions and vision on how to set up an organized, enriching and thriving home school classroom space.  The tour ended with a lunch where attendees discussed a variety of topics including how to make our school classrooms attractive and inspirational so that kids want to be there.  One of the ideas discussed was posting signs and posters to motivate, educate or spark discussions among our students.

I decided this was something missing from our classroom space and something I wanted to pursue. 

As you can see, we are starting small with just with one home made sign with an aim to encourage my three kids to help each other learn. This sign hangs on the door to our playroom/ home school room. My desire is that my children enter in with a heart for helping their siblings and other children. This is the type of character I am looking to encourage. How about you? Do you have any signage or wall décor in your home school space to inspire?

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Anonymous said...

we don't have a dedicates school room, but we have two of the posters that sage theule drew framed in our house--one is about reading and one is about a passion for learning. we also have letters above our bookshelf that spell "read." i'm also planning on putting the word "play" somewhere in our house. i love inspiring words! joy newman