Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Friday

Congratulations to Clay Skinner who won our drawing for $10 to the school store! Speaking of stores,  April 14th-22nd, Barnes and Noble in San Luis Obispo is offering a 25% Educator's Discount, with your Educator's Discount Card.  Check in store for details.

The intermittent rain this week may have forced you to rearrange your plans, but hopefully, you've been enjoying some relaxation time with your family and friends.  Continue that theme by remembering to be Free by Five o'clock.  Turn off your smart phone so you can't hear when a new email arrives, step away from your electronics and soak up some more family time.   Maybe you'll turn off the lights and eat dinner by candlelight or have a floor picnic in front of the fireplace.  Whatever you do, enjoy the weekend!

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