Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We asked our teachers to tell us about a teacher in their own lives they would never forget. Today we hear from Jenna Burns.  Jenna is in her third year of teaching History and Language Arts for Upper Middle School and High School at SLO Classical Academy.

My first favorite teacher was my Kindergarten teacher.  He was young, handsome, kind, and  . . . my first crush.  He would mix one jug of colored water with another jug of a different hue to form a brand new color.  I thought it was magic.  One day on the playground he offered to help me tie my shoe.  I wanted him to think I was grown up so I told him no thanks.  I spent the whole recess trying to tie my shoelaces without any success.

My second favorite teacher was my First Grade teacher, Mrs. Brown.  She would jump up on tables to show off her socks (which always featured different cartoon characters).  She had so much energy!  One day she caught me eating a tootsie roll in class.  I cried because I had broken the rules and disappointed her.

The teacher who really influenced me, though, was my high school AP Literature teacher.  She was loud, and fun, and drove a motorcycle!  She loved literature, and she really cared about us.  Once we had to write an in-class essay on a poem, and I was the only person who saw the deeper meaning of the poem – everyone else had to redo the essay!  The comments she wrote on my paper made me feel special and though I had always known I would be a teacher, it was then that I decided to be an English teacher.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.  ~ Albert Einstein 

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