Thursday, March 08, 2012

Q & A with Troy

Our Associate Director, Troy Wathen, answers some commonly asked questions about SLO Classical Academy's unique program.  If you have family or friends interested in learning more about how our school works and what makes it special, these are great posts to refer them to. (Click here for our last Q & A.)  Better yet, invite them to attend a Campus Tour (the third Wednesday of every month) or attend a Parent Preview Night

What are some of the hidden benefits parents receive through a SLOCA education?

While many may think that SLOCA is a two-day program, this is far from reality. Behind the scenes, the curriculum committee works for months reading books and history narratives to provide the curricular guidance to the teachers and parents. While the teachers are guiding instruction on the days the students are at school, they are also providing the reading materials and activities to carry out at home. Many homeschoolers have chosen to follow a packaged curriculum because a well-planned classical education takes great effort to organize and implement. The folks at SLOCA do much of the behind-the-scenes work so the parents don’t have to. It may still seem like hard work because restoring an educational edifice that has been lost over generations takes time and fortitude. By including the school and parents in this process we are increasing the base of classically educated individuals who are engaging in our culture. This is a beautiful thing.

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