Monday, March 19, 2012

Magical Moment

The Lost Colony and Roanoke Island
“Find the Colonists!”

Mrs. Perneel's class had a wonderful last day of the trimester when they found an old leather journal in their classroom after lunch recess. Inside, they found a clue that led them on an adventure to find the lost "mommy colonists" hidden around SLO Classical Academy.

They pretended to be Governor John White and his team arriving on Roanoke Island.

"Some of the colonists want to leave this settlement to travel to the Chesapeake Bay."

Immediately, the children were off to the map locating the real Chesapeake Bay. Still searching, they left the classroom settlement and discovered Kate Scott (in full colonial garb!) wandering about with no food.  She had a message for the children and another clue.

“Some of the colonists wish to leave this settlement to live with the friendly native people on Croatoan Island.”

The children read the note and looked at the picture clue of a book.  Next, they set off for the bookstore and the library to continue the search.  After much seeking, they found Maureen and Pamela hiding on the island.  The lost colonists had a new clue and message for the children.

“Some of the colonists were captured by the Spanish during an invasion and were taken away by boat.”

While looking at a primitive picture of the playground shed and the gardens, the children set off to rescue the moms from the Spanish prison.  They were so happy to discover Brandy and Penny and help them out of the shed.  The poor "prisoners" were squinting as they stepped into the outside sunshine.

The children were thrilled to have solved the mysteries and freed the mommy colonists!

It was such a treat to watch history come to life for these first and second graders. They were so excited to create their own maps and clues once they were back inside the classroom! A perfect end to a rich, wonderful trimester.

Wow! Thank you to Mrs. Perneel for sharing this amazing activity! And, thank you to all the moms who participated as well.  Just a reminder that tonight at 7PM in the library, there is a parent training covering this trimester's history. Hope to see you there.  Happy Monday!

All photos taken by Jenny Curzan and edited by Joy Newman.

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