Thursday, March 15, 2012


Is this you?  Are you feeling burnt-out?  

Wikipedia defines burnout as "long-term exhaustion and diminished interest."  Education is similar to parenting.  It's easy to be convinced that you aren't doing enough--a different (spelling) curriculum would be better; you should be starting your day earlier; you need more art at home, etc.  

Trimester three starts next week. If you're feeling burnt out (or even if you're not), use this time to recharge. Revisit your Mission Statement (you wrote one, right?) and remind yourself of your family's goals, your goals for each individual child, your goals for yourself.   Revisit your home day routine--maybe things could be switched up--math first instead of last, a longer lunch break in the middle of the day.  As spring is approaching, think of creative ways to get your family outside--handwriting in the driveway, hopscotch math, history reading in the tree house.  If you're feeling out of fresh ideas, look online or ask others at school. One of our strengths here at SLO Classical Academy is our community--we are a community who gladly shares and supports one another. There is a wealth of information and ideas amongst us--take advantage!

The path we have chosen may not always be the easiest one, but the rewards are great.  Semper discentes.

SLO Classical Academy is a community that forges character, fosters wisdom, and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.

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Amy Calloway said...

Great blog post. Burn out happens easily with our busy busy lives. Even minor changes can re-energize!

Anonymous said...

We switched in January from working in the living room, often sprawled on the floor, to a table in our home office with a whiteboard on the wall, and it's helped quite a bit. We'll see how long the effect lasts.

My husband likes to quote a study in which they dimmed the lights in an office and productivity went up. Then they restored the original light levels, and productivity went up. The conclusion from that study, at least, was that it was the change that helped.

Here's something I came across a couple of months ago in the blog Study Hacks that gave me something to think about.

"You feel like you are burnt out or that you are on the verge of burning out, but in reality you are on the verge of deciding whether or not you will burn out. It’s scary to acknowledge that it’s a decision because it puts the onus on you to to do something about it, but it’s empowering because it means there is something you can do about it."