Thursday, February 23, 2012

Q & A with Troy

Our Associate Director, Troy Wathen, answers some commonly asked questions about SLO Classical Academy's unique program.  If you have family or friends interested in learning more about how our school works and what makes it special, these are great posts to refer them to. Better yet, invite them to attend a Campus Tour (the third Wednesday of every month) or attend a Parent Preview Night.  

How is the SLO Classical Academy hybrid model different from a traditional 5-day classical education program?

Both options for classical education have benefits and can meet the needs of individual families differently. In becoming part of the SLOCA community I have noticed a few real strengths of our hybrid program. First, the whole family learns together. Because of the homeschooling component, parents are learning right alongside their children. Even when I was at a five-day school, I believed that classical education was for the whole family. Here it is more easily realized because the model requires it. This is strengthened even further by the fact that all the children are reading the same literature and history at the same time. This has the potential of making dinner discussions even more fruitful as the family is able to discuss common ideas and virtues from literature and history. Second, the hybrid model encourages self-directed learning because students are not bound to a fixed schedule of time with the teacher. Self-learning is truly the most fruitful style of education for long-term retention of ideas.

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