Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parent Perspective: Typer Island

Today, we hear from Cade Newman. Cade and Joy are a Track A family in their fourth year at SLO Classical Academy. They have 4 kids: Eli (Intermediate), Abraham (Kindergarten), Esther (4 yrs. old) and Ezra (1, waiting in S. Korea).  Cade is also a member of the Board of Directors.

A couple of years ago, my son Eli saw me working with Pages and wanted to create his own page for the Belgian Bearded chicken he was going to get.  After he found enough information to create his page, he soon realized that the majority of his time was spent pecking away at the keys, one finger at a time.  So, he asked if I could teach him how to type, to which I responded, “I’ll bet there’s a good program to help you with that.”  Thinking back to my Cortez Peters days, not wanting my son to have to endure the sound of his voice, I set out to find an alternative.  After an exhaustive search (about 10 minutes), I came across Typer Island, read the reviews, hopped on Amazon and placed my order. 

It was simple, engaging, and effective.  And he didn’t have to listen to that really annoying voice.  What I appreciate most, is that Typer Island has the student master the home keys before moving on.  And if he gets to play some games along the way to improve his speed and accuracy, so be it.  

Final analysis:  Great value and a good skill.

What typing program does your family use?

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