Monday, February 20, 2012

Magical Moments

Happy Monday! We have two Magical Moments to share with you today. Our first one comes from Track A Intermediate teacher, Amy Stith:

Pope Paul III

Sometimes the kids surprise me when talking about complex historical events.  We were talking about the Council at Trent, and how important Martin Luther’s courage was to our history.  We were talking about how one person can make big change, and in this case Luther made the Catholic church stop and think.  One of my students raised his hand thoughtfully and said, “STAR”.  “Hmmm?  Does he think it’s science?”  I thought to myself.  I asked the student to explain.  He said, “Stop, Think, Act Right.” He continued, “Martin Luther made the church stop, think, and act right.”  Wow!!!! He got it!  Just when I think these topics are over their head, they completely blow my mind.  Good job, parents.  They are listening.

Isn't that part of what we aim for--for our students, our children to make connections between history and their lives today?  Thanks for sharing, Amy.

Our second Magical Moment is a Lego video retelling Henry VIII's marriages.  Isaiah (LMS) and Quinn (Intermediate) Keech, independently decided to turn their weekly narrative into a series of scenes.  Thank you, boys!

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