Thursday, February 02, 2012


Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting 
in a particular way.
~ Aristotle

This month's character trait is integrity--"having the inner strength to be truthful and trustworthy, acting justly and honorably, and being consistent in words and actions." (Taken from the SLO Classical Academy Character and Conduct Code.)

Consistency in words and actions--easy to say, hard to do, right? Let's challenge ourselves this month to live with integrity and be effective models for our children.  Let's encourage our children to practice living with integrity so they can, as Aristotle says, acquire this quality.  Let's pledge to look for integrity in the people of our history and literature and have discussions within our families about what integrity looks like.  Let's strive to change our corner of the world by raising men and women of integrity.

Semper discentes (always learning together).

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pennymalley said...

I'm finding it's pretty easy to talk about integrity while reading history with the kids... Or the lack thereof. We talked about Martin Luther standing up for what he truly believed vs. Cranmer who recanted and then un-recanted, or Henry VIII who... well... showed a pretty consistent lack of integrity, shall we say? I do believe we as parents need to role-model integrity for our kids. Take it a step further and talk about that "moment of choice" and how the decision to have integrity might not have come easily. Sometimes I think my kids think I have it "easier" because I'm older. Ha! I wish! This approach to studying history and literature along with character traits is just one more thing we really love about our school.