Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Friday

It's Friday yet again!  Before you log-off and Free yourself by Five o'clock in preparation for the long weekend, check out this free online Constitution 101 course given by Hillsdale College.  Looking ahead to next year, we will be studying the birth of our nation.  How fitting to get a head start by refreshing our own memories about our Constitution.  Class starts February 20th!

What will you do over this long weekend?  The elephant seals are still on the San Simeon beach and Saturday at 10 AM there is a guided rookery tour.  Saturday night at 6:30 PM there is a guided night hike at Lopez Lake highlighting owls in the park.  There is also a living history day at Spooner Ranch House and a Gray Whale talk at the Oceano campground.  What a rich community we inhabit!  Whatever you decide to do--enjoy a relaxing, recharging time with family and friends.  Happy Weekend!

photo by Joy Newman

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