Monday, January 30, 2012

Magical Moment

Today's Magical Moment is from Jenny Bischoff.  Jenny and her husband, Paul, have three kids--Kate (Lower Middle School), Georgia (Primary), and Calvin (Jr. Kindergarten).  This is their sixth year at SLO Classical Academy and Jenny is also the Wednesday NOL (Nice Office Lady).

The LMS class was given an assignment to make up a puppet show about Henry VIII, and my daughter was put into a group with three other girls. These inspiring girls wrote a 6-page script, designed costumes and backgrounds, composed music to accompany the performance, and even got together over the weekend to rehearse. They were not told to go to all these lengths, and it seemed as if they didn't view it as "work," but play with a purpose. (Many renditions of "Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived..." were heard around my house.) It was a joy to stand back and watch them, and definitely a magical moment to see their creative brains working together. This is one of the many reasons I love being part of the SLO Classical Academy family!

Another magical moment occurred when last night my 8 year old daughter was reading in bed and suddenly came running out to us in the living room, all excited about something in her book (which was the classic Hamster in a Handbasket from the Animal Ark series... haha). "Mommy, you know what I just read? The daddy hamster in this book is named Henry and when the mommy hamster had a bunch of babies, they named one of them Elizabeth! Just like Henry VIII and Elizabeth!" We all love to catch historical references in everyday reading, and realize that we"get" it, right? It was rewarding to see my little girl "get" that connection, even in her little chapter book. We had a moment of conversation about how much more enjoyable reading can be when we make connections like that, plus she was pleased that she could share it with me and know that I would "get" it too. Learning together as a family is awesome!

The joy that accompanies learning as a family really fosters deep connections.  How exciting to share in the "aha" moments of our children.  Thank you, Jenny!  Just a reminder that tonight is our Parent Meeting at 6PM at Grace Church. You won't want to miss out on eating together as a community, a financial update and details about next year as they are unveiled.  See you there!

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pennymalley said...

Jenny, did you record it? I'd love to see it on YouTube... or SLOCATube? SOunds like she took the assignment and ran with it! Inspiring!