Monday, January 16, 2012

Magical Moment

Today's Magical Moment is brought to us by Jill Talley. Todd and Jill Talley are a Track A family with three children: Karena (Primary), Violet (Kindergarten) and Daniel (Jr. K.) This is their third year at SLO Classical Academy.

My husband had a magical moment with our kids on New Year’s Day as they hiked to the top of San Luis Mountain to ring in the New Year. After spending some time at the top of the mountain and taking in the incredible views, my husband told the kids it was time to head down. As he was gathering the kids he looked over and found our kindergartner sitting on a rock drawing in her home school nature journal, something she had packed in her backpack unbeknownst to anyone else. My husband was so tickled to see his six year old daughter sketching all that she was taking in. It was a wonderful reminder to him to slow down and ­­­­­­­­­­­­take in the joy of nature and discovery.

Later that night after hearing the story, I took some time to look over the entries the kids have recorded  over this first half of the school year. It is fascinating to see what they have decided to record. I have a couple of post-it notes stuck on the front of our nature journal that gives them ideas of things they might want to collect or sketch in their journal. I also have utilized these two books: Handbook of Nature Study and Keeping a Nature Journal.

 Todd and our kids at the top of San Luis Mountain on New Year’s Day 2012

nature journal with the post it notes with entry ideas

Top row:  Keeping a Nature Journal and Handbook of Nature Study
Bottom row: feather collection and sketch of a palm tree in our neighborhood

This nature diary is truly a source of joy for our children. So much so they don’t want to leave home without it. 

Thank you, Jill, Todd and family for sharing your magical moment with us!  Today is the last day to enter our drawing for a Jamba Juice gift card. Leave a comment on our Courage post to enter.

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