Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Friday

Happy Friday! You made it through our first week back after vacation. Pat yourselves on the back for a strong restart.  

Earlier in the year, one family wrote about how family reading time has become an oasis for them.  Several families have asked for suggestions on family read aloud books so be watching for these from time to time. Today, we hear from Scott and Merideth Eades, a Track A family in their fourth year at SLO Classical Academy.  Merideth is also the Co-Director of our Jr. K program.  They have three kids: Hayden (Primary), Luke (Kindergarten) and Sam (5 months).

We are on the last book in the Little House series, The First Four Years. The series has been our family read aloud for the last year.  The kids are sad to see it end.  The jury is still out on what we will read next. I'm thinking The Great Brain series.  

Since it is Friday, we'd like to remind you to be Free by Five o'clock--step away from electronic media and enjoy face-to-face time with those around you. Maybe tonight is the night to start your family read aloud time.  The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is today through Monday and tomorrow is their Family Day. However your weekend is spent, may it be filled with joy and rest.

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