Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Audio Books

For some of us, the antiquated language of {insert author name here} is challenging and cumbersome to read aloud. Books on tape may be a relic from our past, but the concept is still current.  Have you ever considered audio books? This would be a great way to make the reading more manageable.  However, don't use it as an opportunity to get caught up on laundry, but sit down and enjoy being read to alongside your children. 

Check out Audible.com and iTunes to purchase audio books.  Librivox.org and our Black and Gold Library have free downloads.

Audio books would also be a great way for a traveling or commuting parent to stay connected with the history and literature being read at home.  

Are you an audio book fan? If so, what are your favorites?


pennymalley said...

We are currently enjoying "By the Great Horn Spoon", a book Ty needs to have read for his CA History class. We listen on our commute to and from school, so all five of us get to enjoy it together! This recording is by Full Cast Audio, and it has sound effects and multiple character voices- we love it!

Merideth said...

We have been listening to books for years. Our children like to listen to them while they are playig with their Legos. This is in addition to our other reading time and not in place of it. This summer we listened to recording of The Chronicles of Narnia that was wonderful. Currently, they are enjoying listening to The Little House on the Prarie series. We finished them as a family read aloud and they just didn't want to see them end!

k5kossan said...

my hs student uses libravox for most of her reading. she finds that she can retain the material better if she follows along with the reader.

Anonymous said...

The Magic Tree House series is fun to listen to in the car. The narrator for the Harry Potter series is exceptionally brilliant and a family favorite. Peter and the Starcatchers is also great fun. - Janice