Monday, December 05, 2011

Magical Moment

Today's Magical Moment was written by Cozy Faber. Cozy and Jeff Faber have been involved with SLO Classical Academy for 4 years.  They have two daughters, Ava and Sia who are both in the intermediate level on track B.  Cozy is also the Development Director of SLO Classical Academy.

Friday nights are rockin’ in our house these days!  Often we put the kids to bed early and hit the hay ourselves well before the double digits are revealed upon the clock’s face.  This past Friday night however, each of my girls had a friend sleep over.  The plan was pizza, a movie (don’t tell anyone at SLOCA that we own a television!) and then to bed. 
           The “drop-off” of the kids involved a lot of physical activity: touching and tagging, chasing and catching—as if to validate they were actually together.  After the time of acquaintance wore off, the hunger rolled in—furious and immediate.  These four children absolutely needed sustenance in the form of a round disk-like object covered in sauce, cheese, peperoni and olives. We hopped  into the van and the four of them talked and chatted and ran sentences around and over and in between each other. As I started the car, the CD that had been playing during our last trip permeated and intruded upon their cacophony of conversation and the Latin songs began to play!
       You would have thought that those four girls were 16 years old in 1968 when the Beatles stepped onto Ed Sullivan’s stage.  They SCREAMED with laughter, singing the songs they have been learning in class loudly and off-key.  As we exited the car they marched arm in arm belting: “Here comes magistra, Salve! Salve!” The people around us turned and stared—I held my head high and followed behind as we entered Papa John’s, proud that my kids have friends that think singing Latin together is fun and cool and worth doing loudly.  Because anything worth doing is worth doing loudly, right? 

Thanks for sharing, Cozy!  If you are invested in purchasing this fun workbook and CD, Song School Latin is available in the school bookstore.

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