Thursday, December 08, 2011


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 
~Aesop, "The Lion and the Mouse"

Have you come up with a fun, creative way to display our school's character traits in your home, yet? If not, do not despair; there is still time. Perhaps the "need" to make it look a certain way has paralyzed your process. Don't let it!  Post them on your refrigerator or tape them to the bathroom mirror.  One of the strengths of our program is that we, as parents, have so many opportunities to talk about and deliberately nurture character in our children. Let's not waste the amazing opportunities that come our way!

Last month, we talked about fostering gratitude and this month's character trait is kindness. Let's be intentional about practicing acts of kindness in our homes this month.  Perhaps each member of the family draws another family member's name and performs random acts of kindness for that person throughout the week.  Bake cookies for a lonely neighbor, or pull out the trash cans for the elderly man on your street.  There are so many ways to nurture our children (and ourselves) in this area.

How do you foster kindness in your home?  Leave a comment and be entered into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card.  Or, tell us how you display our character traits in your home.  Drawing closes next Wednesday.

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blue corduroy said...

These are great ideas! and inspiring. thanks for the help!

pennymalley said...

Fostering kindness is ongoing in a household with 4 children. One way is to "catch" them being kind and let them know how much you appreciate seeing that come from them. Another way, which is admittedly more difficult, is to model kindness myself throughout the day. Even when I'm tired. Simple kindness goes a long way in the keeping of peace in the home.

Jenny Bischoff said...

I love the family random acts of kindness idea - we're so doing that one!

One way I remind myself (and my kids) about those SLOCA Character Traits is posting them up on my white board in a colorful (even though not very creative) way. I made a quick pdf to share with anyone who is interested, just print and laminate if desired - I'll send it to Joy for the blog since I don't know how to attach it here...

Anyway, the first two pages are the basic traits and descriptions. The rest of the pages feature one trait per page, with the addition of a bible verse that goes along with it, since I'm trying to relate these characteristics to our spiritual growth as well. I leave up the definitions of all 12 traits, and switch the single trait pages when the school switches to a new trait. Take what you want!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, i would love to see that PDF. Also, thanks Joy for the ideas in your post. My husband and I try to cultivate kindness in our family by how we choose to interact with people. One example is that we often find ourselves interacting with older people when we walk downtown or walk around our neighborhood. During those walks we talk to the kids about the power of a simple, genuine smile extended to the folks we pass during our walks. It is amazing to see the responses we get. The kids are shocked to see that when you look in a person's eyes and smile, that the person ususally will light up. This simple gesture also provides a valuable springboard to talk with our children about how every person is of value, especially older people, and how all people need to feel valued, especially older people. Thanks for the post Joy.
Jill Talley