Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling

The winter weather and shorter days lead to more indoor activities.  With the approach of vacation and holidays, it’s always helpful to have new craft activities in your arsenal.  

Have you ever done freezer paper stenciling?  Freezer paper can be found in the regular grocery store next to the aluminum foil, parchment paper and wax paper.  Basically, you draw or just cut out a shape, design or letter (simple silhouettes are the easiest and exacto knives work best) and then iron (shiny side down) your stencil onto your fabric.  Paint over your home-made stencil, allowing the paint to dry before peeling off the freezer paper.  Use fabric paint if it’s a washable item.  If you own a Cricut or a Silhouette, it's also possible to have the machine cut out our stencils. This would be an easy way to personalize pillows, book bags, make holiday/celebration banners, and of course design one-of-a-kind t–shirts.  Or, make your own fabric first by stenciling your own design and then sewing something with the new fabric. So many fun and simple projects can be done using this easy technique!

                          photo by Joy Newman                     {source}

If you were to receive a stenciled item, what would you want?  A pillow, book bag, t-shirt, or...?

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