Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art of Thank You

Children are many wonderful things, among them, prolific artists.  Do you have piles of artwork, too dear to be parted with?  Repurpose it as a greeting card or a thank you note. With the holiday season here, plan ahead and make thank you notes now so they are all ready for writing.  Make a simple card out of your child's artwork or click here for another fun idea.

Not only does this demonstrate resourcefulness, but it's another way to practice gratitude.  How do you manage all of the accumulated art in your house?

Tomorrow is our Classic Story Hour with Merideth Eades. Invite a friend to the Lewis Library at 9:30!

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pennymalley said...

I love the card idea! I might put the girls to work over vacation making some out of their "re-purposed" art. They can choose which friends to send them to! As far as storage goes, I started out using unused pizza boxes. They're large enough to hold primary art projects and flat enough to store relatively easily. They just fill up fast! I'm interested to read about what others do.