Monday, November 14, 2011

Magical Moment

Today's Magical Moment was written by Cozy Faber at the very beginning of the year. Cozy and Jeff Faber have been involved with SLO Classical Academy for 4 years.  They have two daughters, Ava and Sia who are both in the intermediate level on track B.  Cozy is also the Development Director of SLO Classical Academy.

Four years ago SLO Classical Academy studied the Renaissance—just as we are this year.  During the Pageant of the Master’s History Day—that was our first history day—we wandered about the various classrooms where students froze in the likeness and depiction of a famous painting rendered during this time in history. We enjoyed the evening and we looked at every classroom’s portrayal.  However, we were new to the school, and Ava  was in kindergarten—I could not have even begun to imagine the impact this day, this learning, this school would have upon her memory and relation to the world.

Today we are getting ready to start the Renaissance.  We have books about Leonardo (notice my use of the familiar as I refer to Da Vinci!) strewn strategically throughout the house. Ava picked one of them up today and was looking at paintings that he had done.  “WOW!” she shouted with admiration and recognition in her voice.  “I had no idea that Leonardo Da Vinci painted THAT picture—we saw that at our first history day.  That is so cool!” 

At SLO Classical Academy we talk about connections.  We talk about solidifying memory and reference points and the power of history in our students’ minds.  We talk about how this model of education will give everyone that partakes the springboard upon which to jump even higher when their time comes.  Today I witnessed this power of connection, the importance of history days and the lasting impact that will forever be within the very core of my little Ava.  Thank you SLOCA!

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