Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Friday

One of the by-products of our education is finding history and literature in the most unlikely places--like at the deli counter of a local grocery store.  When one of your children notices that the deli makes sandwiches named the "The Nina," "The Pinta," and "The Santa Maria" using Columbus brand turkey meat, it hits home that learning never stops and the world is truly our classroom.

It's Friday once again and your progress reports are all tucked away safely in your teachers' hands, right?  Time to relax and enjoy the rainy weekend.  Maybe it's a good time to grab a bite at Laguna Grill or Firestone.  (Did you know both restaurants made donations to our auction?)  Don't forget that the History of Painters concert is Sunday. To buy tickets click here.  You still have time to leave a comment or suggestion on our Gratitude post and be entered in a drawing for a $10 credit to the school store! Contest closes next Wednesday night and the winner will be announced on Thursday.  Let's try and be Free by 5 and turn off our electronics by 5 o'clock.  Happy weekend!

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