Monday, October 10, 2011

Magical Moment

Happy Monday!  In a recent weekly update, SLO Classical Academy's Director, Susie Theule, encouraged us all to be in the moment with our children. Today's Magical Moment is brought to us by an anonymous poster who felt inspired after reading the update. 

First of all, this e-mail is coming from the woman who is the queen of one more dish to wash and  one more load to fold.  I either have to really "book it" before our 8:30 start time or restrain myself until lunch time when it comes to those one more thing to do's.

With that said, on Monday, my son and I sat down to read from Renaissance Artists Who...   Before we began, he turns to me and says, "You know which artist I think I am the most like?"  Kind of a funny comment from a child who has terrible fine motor control, but is full of ideas.  I had been thinking for a couple of weeks that he is a lot like da Vinci, but I wasn't going to let on for fear of influencing what he wanted to tell me. 

He went on, "Leonardo da Vinci because he was interested in so many things."  I told him I had been thinking the same thing about him for quite some time.  We had a great conversation about the similarities and the differences between this genius and my almost 9 year old son.  

I distinctly remember thinking that I was glad that my mind was focused on what my son was thinking and not the next thing that I was hoping to do at the next available moment that afternoon.  

Thanks, Susie, for the encouragement to be in the present.

Thank you to today's contributor!  If you have a Magical Moment you'd like to share please email As you can see, it can be an anonymous post as well. 

Just a reminder that this Wednesday, October 12th is our Classic Story Hour at 9:30 in the Lewis Library. Denise Indvik (Track B Jr. K teacher) will be leading the story and craft hour this month. Spread the word!

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