Monday, October 03, 2011

Magical Moment

Wendy and husband Patrick Dahl have plunged into their first year at SLOCA. Their son Christopher enjoys being a Track A Intermediate with Mrs. Milligan.

We finally started spelling last week. (after a 3-week mailing SNAFU) During one of the many pretests, per the instructions I was saying the word, reading the provided sentence, then  repeating the word again.  One of the words was, 'home school' with the sentence, 'Do you like home school?' I was in the kitchen making sandwiches for lunch while dictating the spelling test (multitasking!) and from the dining table where he's bent over writing each test word, Christopher rang out exuberantly, "Yes! Times 5!" That put a smile on my face and made it all worth it.  It was a good day!

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