Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nature Table

You probably decorate for the holidays your family celebrates already, but have you ever considered having a seasonal nature table? It's such an easy way to bring some of the outdoors in and allow your children to take their time as they interact with various natural elements.  Keep some identification books nearby and learn the names of the trees and plants growing right in your neighborhood.  Or, perhaps setting up a corner with things collected on walks serves only as a reminder that while we are inside diligently studying Latin declensions, the quadratic formula or our ABC's, there is life outside --life that continually changes and isn't dependent upon anything we are doing.  It is exciting and invigorating to see the seasons come and go.  Perhaps a little more exciting in places where the seasonal changes are more distinct than here but still, there are changes.

To set up your own nature table find a corner, or an unused table or shelf.  Start collecting things to add--young children are especially good at finding things such as rocks, leaves and branches.  Try for items that can stand lots of handling by young hands.  Add a seasonal book or some reference material, if you wish, or just make it a place that is visually appealing.  Here are some examples from the web:

                                            1.  Winter 
                                            2. Autumn 
                                            3. Summer 
                                            4. Spring 

What items will be on your nature table this fall?

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Mary Knudson said...

What a great idea! I think we'll make a fall table in the kinder classroom! We'll go on a nature walk to find special treasures and maybe even use what we find to form our letters, do an art project, or just explore and touch. Thanks for the inspiration!

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