Monday, September 12, 2011

Magical Moment

Today's Magical Moment is by Cozy Faber.  Cozy and Jeff Faber have been involved with SLOCA for 4 years.  They have two daughters, Ava and Sia who are both in the intermediate level on track B.  Cozy is also the Development Director of SLO Classical Academy.

Our family took a little trip for Labor Day this year. My husband travels quite a bit and given the time off from school for the holiday, the fact that it was his birthday and that we had not seen him for a few weeks, the girls and I decided to travel to HIM so that we could celebrate together.  

On the airplane, we did our home school--it was tight and did not look quite like it does anywhere else, but hey, I had those girls sequestered and buckled down!  We did math, we read history, we discussed, asked questions, made predictions and practiced our Socratic questioning method.  It was a truncated day, but we made it work. 

The most impactful moment of learning had nothing to do with our specific schooling effort.  It came while Sia was reading the "Spirit Magazine" from the seat pocket.  There was an ad for Las Vegas (of all places) and the Cirque du Soleil shows currently running on the strip.  One of the ads had a picture of a lady rising out of a still pool of water painted in wide zebra stripes.  Next to her was the name of the show: "AQUA."  She looked a little odd, but it certainly was an ad that pulled your attention.  Sia said to me: "Mom, this says Aqua.  That's Latin-- it means water."  She was pretty matter of fact, simply sharing this information with me.  I applauded her knowledge, of course, but it wasn't until I read the update and saw that our Latin Root for the week is "aqua" and that already-- with only one day of school-- it has made meaning in our lives. I was pretty wowed.  Gotta love this education!

Thank you, Cozy for sharing!  We're also doing our drawing for a $10 Jamba Juice gift card for signing up to receive new blog posts via email.  Lucky #3 is Wendy Dahl! Congratulations, Wendy! Look for the gift card in your family file this week.

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