Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bedtime Bag

It's the end of the day.  Time to get the kids into pajamas, grab their bedtime books and tuck them in. The problem is, the book is missing or pajamas are nowhere to be found and tomorrow is laundry day.

What about a bedtime bag? Bags are used to corral books and materials for school and sports, why not extend that use for bedtime? Have the kids put pajamas and any bedtime activities (such as books, journals, pencil, flashlight) into a bag and have it hanging by the bed all ready.  If you're crafty, sew your own (or have your children sew it!) but if you're not, various stores carry plain canvas totes that can easily be embellished with fabric, paint or fabric markers.  Such an easy fix for what is often a hectic time of day.

What are your strategies for making bedtime smoother?  Leave a comment and be automatically entered into the drawing for a Jamba Juice gift card.

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J Mickey said...

This is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing this and all the other wonderful tips so far this year.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Hmm... Do we know any crafty SLOCA moms who could sew these and sell them in the bookstore?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Grr. Katie has taken over my account again.

the pleated poppy said...

no penny, i have no idea of any crafty moms ;) (at least not any with any time!)

our bedtimes only run smoothly when we stick to a routine - i read a chapter book with the girls, and sean reads with silas, then we switch for snuggles. its a long routine, but its working... for now.