Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Friday

Take a deep breath. It's been an exciting and hectic week as we all adjust to new routines and schedules.  

Friday posts will be a mix of highlighting weekend events around the county, encouraging weekend relaxation and other various topics.  For instance, the Rutiz Family Farms in Arroyo Grande has pumpkin engraving. You carve your name or a picture into young pumpkins and when the pumpkins are ripe, they look something like this:

Check their website for stand hours and sign up for the newsletter so you'll know when to go back and collect your pumpkins.  

One thing you’ll find every Friday is our “Free by 5” slogan. We’d like to encourage you and your family to unplug by 5 o’clock and be electronics free.  Research has shown the average person will have spent seven to ten years watching television by the age of 70.  Today’s world has so much more than just TV with smart phones, the internet and video games.  Let’s be intentional about unplugging and spending time together with family and friends. Technology is a wonderful tool but tools are meant to be used, not rule over us.  Perhaps an entire night is too long for your family, so start by blocking off the hours of five to seven.  Find something that challenges and benefits your family.

It was a short week and a “soft” start to another year. Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather.  Happy Friday!

SLO Classical Academy is not affiliated with Rutiz Family Farms.

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