Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Intermediate Students - Astrophysics Supercharged Science Workshop - 1:00-2:00pm - Free

Did you see this in the weekly update?  What a great opportunity for our Intermediate Students!

Take an intergalactic tour of the universe without leaving your seat! Discover massive black holes, flaming neutron stars, and why the sun regularly burps and spits fireballs into space in this planetarium-style star show.
We’ll also cover the basics of star charting, investigate satellite orbits, uncover the phases of the moon, and
discover why stars twinkle. Topics: solar system, nebulae, galaxies, star formation, supernovae, and more.
Class taught by real astronomer and president of the your local Central Coast Astronomical Society.

Sign-ups coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

My daughter went to the Supercharged Science summer camp a few years ago and loved it. Aurora Lipper is a fantastic teacher and the kids all adore her. This is great opportunity for intermediate students. I am sure it will be highly educational as well as a ton of FUN!