Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. - Einstein

Written By Susie Theule,
Director of SLO Classical Academy

As we embark on the science fair (Our Investigation Celebration!) and on the end of the trimester, with so much to wrap up, we need to be reminded by that great science giant, Albert Einstein, that not all that counts can be counted.

Those things that we can count — some of them are important.  But those things that cannot be counted — often they are the ones we must hold onto — the ones that truly count in our lives as very actively involved parents.  The time spent thinking about how best to give a child the "aha!" moment she needs in math today.  The amount of care put into the decision we make each morning to parent as well as possible, once again.  The number of decisions made each day in hopes that they are the best for our family.  The time spent worrying when our teen seems to be going sideways.  The love that is poured into our home days and our grocery store trips and cheering from the sidelines.  The commitment to give our kids a quality education that will prepare them, the pride we feel when he faces his fears and recites his poem in front of the whole class. The bursts of love and the heartaches that both come with parenting.   

Friends, we are on a journey in which so much cannot be measured.   I cannot adequately quantify your love, your time, your commitment, your dedication, your heartache, your diligence, your fears, your creativity, your hopes, your dreams, your disappointments, your love, your tenderness, or even your time.  As you fall exhausted 
into bed each night right now, remind yourself that much happened that day that counts, even if there is no proof. 

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