Sunday, March 06, 2011

Earn a Farthing!

Our "traveling" art exhibit has landed at the SLO library downtown!
It is located in the children's section on the first level 

 Be sure to stop in to celebrate the fabulous effort so many of our SLOCA students made.

farthingTake a picture of your student(s) at the library by our exhibit and add it to the comments of this post or to our Facebook page and we'll reward each student's purse with a BONUS farthing.  If you don't know how to put a picture up on the blog or on facebook, just write a post that you were there and which your favorite drawing is -- that will work too!  

Be sure to include your last name and which track you are on!


Crash said...

Good to know! Thanks for hanging all the student artwork, too. So exciting to see our student's work and our school represented in the larger community.

SLO Classical Academy said...

You bet! The librarians at the SLO Library were telling me how proud kids are when they come into the library to see their work on display like this. Feels good!