Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parent Information Night-- April 4th!

Parent Information Night-- April 4th!

If you are wondering what SLO Classical is all about, what it has to offer, how it can fit into your family's dynamic-- Please join us on Monday April 4th to learn more.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little something to spice up your school day

By Lisa Wallace, Intermediate Teacher 

When homeschooling my boys, I would occasionally try to add some fun into the school day. This only takes a few minutes of your time, but works wonders on lifting a sluggish spirit from the drudgery of routine. The night before, try hiding your child's literature book, math book, history book, etc. Then leave a short note in the spot where the book is normally kept, describing where to find the absent book. "Your book might be taking a nap where Fido finds his food." or "If I were Genghis Kahn, I would be hungry by now. Maybe he's looking for some oats" You can be creative and try some poetry or some multi-level clues. Bottom line, anything out of the ordinary adds excitement to our day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Drum roll please.....

Four our upcoming Medieval Tournament we are excited to announce that Drum School 101 will be on our campus leading our kids during one of the 12 events.  The BUCKETERS, as they are called, is a beginning level drum class where students learn the basics of how to play the drums.

For 10 minutes each Castle Team will be called upon to motivate and inspire the other knights on the field through the soulfully powerful sound of drumming.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four mighty agencies of human history and the human mind

By Cozy Faber

I watched again today a piece on you-tube of John Taylor Gatto (former award winning public educator) talking about the 14 qualities that graduates of upper echelon private schools leave their high-school careers with.  Among these graduates are many of our presidents, many who have run for president-- they are the leaders of this country and they have behind them an education that has supported them every step of the way.

As I watched this lecture I realized how so many of these 14 qualities found in Mr. Gatto's observations are introduced and fostered at SLO Classical Academy.  I became excited knowing that my children, along with the other 209 students on our campus, are on a path to an education that is in line with the best of the best boarding schools across the country.

Today I will start with the first quality:  "No child should graduate without a sense of human nature."
How do these schools facilitate this knowledge?  Here you go: History, philosophy, literature and law.  According to Gotto these four mighty agencies of human history and the human mind have a wealth of information to afford an individual with the ability to develop a sense of human nature.  Granted, we do not have a study of law here at SLOCA-- clearly this is a subject left for the higher grades-- but we DO have history, we DO have literature and our middle school kids are introduced to the foundations of philosophy through their logic coursework.  I'd say that based on Gatto's first observation and how it is achieved, SLO Classical Academy offers each student a baseline from which to begin their individual development of their own sense of human nature.

Click here to watch the lecture

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. - Einstein

Written By Susie Theule,
Director of SLO Classical Academy

As we embark on the science fair (Our Investigation Celebration!) and on the end of the trimester, with so much to wrap up, we need to be reminded by that great science giant, Albert Einstein, that not all that counts can be counted.

Those things that we can count — some of them are important.  But those things that cannot be counted — often they are the ones we must hold onto — the ones that truly count in our lives as very actively involved parents.  The time spent thinking about how best to give a child the "aha!" moment she needs in math today.  The amount of care put into the decision we make each morning to parent as well as possible, once again.  The number of decisions made each day in hopes that they are the best for our family.  The time spent worrying when our teen seems to be going sideways.  The love that is poured into our home days and our grocery store trips and cheering from the sidelines.  The commitment to give our kids a quality education that will prepare them, the pride we feel when he faces his fears and recites his poem in front of the whole class. The bursts of love and the heartaches that both come with parenting.   

Friends, we are on a journey in which so much cannot be measured.   I cannot adequately quantify your love, your time, your commitment, your dedication, your heartache, your diligence, your fears, your creativity, your hopes, your dreams, your disappointments, your love, your tenderness, or even your time.  As you fall exhausted 
into bed each night right now, remind yourself that much happened that day that counts, even if there is no proof. 

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Earn a Farthing!

Our "traveling" art exhibit has landed at the SLO library downtown!
It is located in the children's section on the first level 

 Be sure to stop in to celebrate the fabulous effort so many of our SLOCA students made.

farthingTake a picture of your student(s) at the library by our exhibit and add it to the comments of this post or to our Facebook page and we'll reward each student's purse with a BONUS farthing.  If you don't know how to put a picture up on the blog or on facebook, just write a post that you were there and which your favorite drawing is -- that will work too!  

Be sure to include your last name and which track you are on!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Intermediate Students - Astrophysics Supercharged Science Workshop - 1:00-2:00pm - Free

Did you see this in the weekly update?  What a great opportunity for our Intermediate Students!

Take an intergalactic tour of the universe without leaving your seat! Discover massive black holes, flaming neutron stars, and why the sun regularly burps and spits fireballs into space in this planetarium-style star show.
We’ll also cover the basics of star charting, investigate satellite orbits, uncover the phases of the moon, and
discover why stars twinkle. Topics: solar system, nebulae, galaxies, star formation, supernovae, and more.
Class taught by real astronomer and president of the your local Central Coast Astronomical Society.

Sign-ups coming soon!