Sunday, February 27, 2011

Medieval Times and Mosque Tour

One of our parents planned an amazing field trip for our families this past Friday. We all met in Buena Park where we enjoyed a jousting event at Medieval Times! It was such a treat to see the "knights" performing all of the various training activities we have been learning about this trimester. The kids really had an opportunity to solidify a portion of what they have been studying by seeing it happen before their very eyes.

After Medieval Times we all headed over to a Mosque in LA for a cursory tour of the Islamic religion. This was again, an experience that many would not have participated in without the planning of this trip. So many of us have never been in a mosque, and certainly would not enter one without an invitation. By opening their doors to us, we all had a lesson in expanding our world-view, acceptance of others and in turn the gracious feeling of OUR being accepted by those whom perhaps we do not know very well.

It was a great day for everyone there!