Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Power of one individual to change the course of history!

What we did this past week in the classroom
An excerpt from an Intermediate teacher's weekly parent letter

Topic: Justinian and Theodora.
The power of one individual to change the course of history! Justinian, born a farm boy, rises to lead one of the biggest empires. Theodora, a circus performer ends up becoming the Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire! They accomplish many things. Not all good, but certainly many things were highly impressive. I also enjoyed this week the celebration of a strong woman in history. Would the Byzantine Empire have lasted another 900 years without her strength of character? Did Justinian's mom think that when she taught him organization that he would grow up to organize the laws of the empire? Did Theodora's mom know her daughter's drama skills would come in handy in the political arena? Do you ever wonder what skills you are teaching your child that will come in handy in their future?

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